Client Feedback


“Curious. Determined. Creative. Productive. These are but four words that come to mind as I reflect on the past 15 weeks working with the group of students from Grand Valley State University. Our team from OST put forth a challenging problem statement and I was not sure what to expect, but in the end this team of students far surpassed my expectations. They did so by continually demonstrating an ability to ask great questions, challenge assumptions, prototype and iterate. As time went on we became more of a team working through various challenges together while learning and gaining insights from one another. The final deliverables were of the quality of research and creativity that were over and above!

I found this project to be beneficial for OST and am thrilled to know it was the same for the students form GVSU.  We are excited to take their campaign ideas and implement them in a broader way across our go-to-marketing strategies.”

– Michael Lomonaco, Director of Marketing & Communications, OST


“Working with this 15 in 15 class made me proud to be a GVSU School of Communications alumni. The group took a very challenging topic and approached it with enthusiasm, a willingness to take risks, and a desire to create a campaign that speaks to the needs of our clients. Each interaction was professional and it was evident the team put a great deal of time and energy into research and idea generation. We are excited to implement the ideas the team presented us with in the near future. I was also impressed with the presentation skills, and the confidence the team portrayed. Overall, I found the experience of working with this group to be extremely enjoyable and beneficial to the marketing efforts of our organization.”

– Danielle Haskins, Sr. Marketing Specialist, OST


“It was such a great experience working with this particular group of Grand Valley students. When working out of our offices they were always incredibly respectful and brought great energy along with them. During every presentation session the group was fully prepared and communicated with the perfect blend of humor, intelligence and confidence. The team as a whole had such a breadth of talent that they were able to produce high-quality (and executable!) recommendations that were not only backed in research but also wildly creative.

 I have been impressed with how many of the students reached out following the program and are actively maintaining their newfound relationships with our team.”

– Lizzie Williams,
 Marketing Insights Communication Specialist @ OST

“This was a courageous group of Grand Valley students. They were not afraid to present a point of view that they knew was going against the norm.

But it was smart, appropriate and helped our team see a better way. They presented their thinking convincingly and professionally.

They thought differently, pushing us out of the box a little. The students helped support a new direction that the Amway team was considering.”

​– Will Templeton, Sr. Brand Manager, Nutrilite, Amway.