The Bloom Group


The Bloom Group is a collegiate agency composed of aspiring young professionals from Grand Valley State University.  We’ve had some pretty cool clients over the past few years including: Ford, Nutrilite by Amway, Open Systems Technologies, and Grand Valley State University.



Nutrilite by Amway – “Healthy Is Hard, Celebrate Small Victories”

For our final product working with Amway, we created a cohesive influencer marketing campaign to draw millennials to Double X vitamins and see the product as more relatable and attainable for their everyday routine. Our presentation goes through the importance and relevance of Influencers to our TA, as well as designs for a PR Box to send them for unboxing videos with branded content.
Click on the box below to see how we influenced small victories.
DoubleboX OPEN FINAL.png
Sample Tactic: “Snackable Videos”

As a part of the campaign work for Amway, out team created these snackable videos to introduce the idea of taking vitamins to millennials. The videos are quick, hence “snackable,” and intended for mutli-platform use to show how vitamins can be easily incorporated in your routine.







OST – “From Here To There: Faster, Smarter, Confidently”

As our final presentation to OST, we highlighted various integrated communications campaign tactics to implement our messaging strategy: OST can get you from here to there faster, smarter, confidently. These tactics included: a conference plan, branded products for events and sales meetings, social posts, and a blog series.

Click on the photo to see our campaign.Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 9.31.52 PM.png
Tactic 1: “Snackable Videos”

Creating content to resonante with a lesser tech-friendly target audience was key to the sucess of this campaign. We created these stop-motion videos for quick, sharable content utilizing their paper airplane logo.

This second variation stop-motion video still encompasses the paper airplane logo, but shows the variation of the folding to create different origami shapes.



Tactic 2: Social Media Posts

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 10.07.14 PM.png

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