Gamma Phive K


The Gamma Phive K poster was designed with spring in mind. With a bright marbled background and water-coloured carnations, the design reflects the positive and ambitious attitude Gamma Phi Beta has for building strong girls.  We revolved our event’s theme around the Converse logo by adding our own flair to it.


The Philanthropy chair and I worked closely together to plan our fourth annual Gamma Phive K.  We managed our RunSignUp race, updating it frequently with new information for registration.  Designing apparel and accessories followed our Converse logo theme.  I worked with GVSU Event’s and GVPD to coordinate our Gamma Phive K event on GVSU’s campus.  WOOD TV donated their time as our DJ with other sponsors such as A-List Greeks Jewelry and Amazon Prime.  PR tactics included writing news releases for websites such as MLive, contacting and visiting local GOTR teams, and visiting local businesses to help really spread the world and get maximum involvement for our event. We had 80 runners and 25 donors.


Our fourth annual Gamma Phive K collectively raised $1,102 to donate to our philanthropic mission of Building Strong Girls through the organization Girls On The Run. It was extremely heart-warming to see our local GOTR teams run alongside our participating members who ran in our Phive K.  Crossing the finish line with motivated, confident, and strong girls was more gratifying than anything else I’ve done in my first term as PRVP.  Seeing the actual impact we have on young girls was beyond fulfilling.

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 5.26.39 PM.png

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