Gamma Phi’s Moonball event followed the theme of blacklights and neon lights. I wanted something bold, bright, and enthralling while giving people a taste of what was to come at the event. Colors were chosen to reflect Gamma Phi’s philanthropy, Girls On The Run.  Incorporating bold shapes, 80’s themed doodles, and thick font grabs the attention of any eyes passing through college halls and eventboards.


Working with the Moonball chair and Philanthropy chair led to coordinating reservations for a local location, DJ, decorations, supplies, food, social media content, and an awareness week to hype up GVSU leading into the Saturday event. A number of sponsors such as Amazon Prime, Rockstar, Redbull, and AWAKE! Chocolate all supported our first annual event.  We chose a theme that would draw in both the Greek Community and the general student body of Grand Valley.  We are proud to say we were able to have a maximum of 12 volleyball teams to sign up and have all 12 spots filled; 8 Greek affiliated teams and 4 non-Greek teams.  From playing in the volleyball tournament to cheering in the stands, our guests were fueled with great energy and vibes for an amazing cause.


I’m proud to have led our first annual Moonball event and collectively raising $465 to donate to our philanthropic mission of Building Strong Girls through the organization Girls On The Run. We donated $100 to Make a Wish for the Awareness Week winners and $50 to Canine Companions for Independence for the wackiest team uniforms. We received lots of constructive feedback asking for more playing time for next year’s event, while also receiving plenty of positive comments such as being people’s new favorite philanthropy event!

Read up about our event in an article from GVSU’s The Lanthorn!

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 4.52.31 PM.png

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