Blame the Accutane Series: Win for the Skin (Skincare Edition)

If you haven't read the first blog of my "Blame the Accutane" series, I've had the past 3 months to trial lotions, chapsticks, oils, and makeup that accomodate the excessively dry skin that Accutane produces.  Based on my own trial and error, I've compiled a list of my favorite skincare products while being on Accutane.… Continue reading Blame the Accutane Series: Win for the Skin (Skincare Edition)

Blame the Accutane Series

When I was eighteen years old, I packed my room up and moved across the state of Michigan to Grand Valley State University where I would spend the next four years learning, growing, and developing before embarking off into the "real world".  I figured since I was off to college, I must be (somewhat) an… Continue reading Blame the Accutane Series