Moana Bikini Review

About 6 years ago, I was scrolling around on Instagram stalking bathing suit accounts as I prepped for summer time. As I got deeper into accounts on Insta, I discovered Australian cheeky-bikini label, Moana Bikini. I fell in love with their unique mix-and-match sets and separates, and their inspiring message to feel confident and beautiful in your own skin.

Being a born and raised Michigander (and only still in high school), made these bathing suits unatainable for quite some time before I could even think about getting such a cheeky bathing suit sent to my house (let alone afford one – you get what you pay for). After drooling over these adorable suits for 4 more years, I finally got my hands on my first set when they announced their 2017 Island Time Collection. My heart was set on their Tangled Tarzan Braided Reversible set…and you’d be crazy to not see why.

Tangled tarzan.png
2017 Island Time Collection – Tangled Tarzan Set

The bikini style was practically foreign and the vibrant, dual pattern was as alluring as it gets. After paying about $120 for this little number, I received it quite quickly with FedEx knocking on my door 4 days after I placed my order. Getting this suit was the whole reason my love for Moana Bikini leveled up.

As I said before, their brand’s consistent surprise in bikini styles and patterns can’t be beat by the other repetitive, high-priced, dull suits. The material is durable and flattering to any body – perfectly. I felt like a badass babe strutting along the Florida coast!!  I knew instantly I had to have more. I loved the suit, I loved what I looked like in it, and most imporantly, I loved how it made me feel. How can clothing have the ability to make you feel so…powerful? Invincible? Sounds crazy – I know, it’s just a bikini. But let me tell you – as a girl who’s struggled with body image in my past (and even sometimes now as does everyone) it’s an enchanting feeling to feel good in one of the most exposing situations there a bathing suit.

I began waiting impatiently for Moana to restock some of my favorite looks so I could stress over which suit I wanted next. Before you knew it – they were restocking their last batch and having their end of the year sale. Now was my chance. I snagged the Pink Aruba Reversible Set along with a Bam Bam Pebbles Top Separate to go with the reversible side of my Tangled Tarzan Set.

Tangled Reverse w Aerie.png
2017 Island Collection – Reversed Tangled Tarzan Set Bottoms paired with Aerie bikini top. Matches perfect with other kinis, too!

Before I knew it, it was already time for their 2018 release – the Escape Collection. I didn’t think they could top what they had created for their last collection…but once again, owner Karina Irby outdid herself. With a beautiful rendition for escaping to a beautiful paradise, wearing these suits make me feel that much closer to a tropical getaway.

Ditzy Dino plus High Waisted.png
2018 Escape Collection – Ditzy Dino Set Top paired with Rise Above Safari Bottom

I absolutely love the versatility behind every suit. You can obviously tell the Moana Team strategically crafts these sets and separates to pair so well with one another. Being able to wear almost any top or bottom and match is no easy skill to master.

Ditzy Dino Reverse.png
Reverse side of the 2018 Escape Collection Ditzy Dino Set

Have I sold you yet? Moana Bikini is currently having the end of the collection sale at 40% off!!! I just purchased 2 separates and saved over $50 on them. Literal steal. I’m thrilled to see the 3rd (and possibly 4th!) collection they’ll be releasing in 2018…I’m sure it will be just as breathtaking. Keep killin’ it, Karina and Moana Team!

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XO Moana Babe Han


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