DIY: Patched Denim Jacket

I’ve always been a pretty crafty individual, so when you give me a dull closet and some scissors – I can usually make some magic happen!  I recently went to Okeechobee Music Festival – a music festival in Florida conveniently held the weekend going into most college spring breaks.  I’m currently on a severe skin medication called Accutane where my skin is ultra sensitive to the sun.  I had been searching for layer-able clothing that reflects my style, comfort, and (most importantly) accommodates for both the humid heat and my skin’s sensitivity.

I wanted to create a unique piece that I knew no one would have at the fest, and something I would want to wear outside of the festival grounds.  And so the journey began!

I picked up a super cute over-sized jean jacket at Goodwill a couple weeks ago for only $4!!!  What a steal!!!

I had been searching for the perfect (and affordable) denim jacket for a couple of months now, and let me tell ya – Goodwill/Salvation Army are some of my favorite go-to’s!

Alright – so clothing item chosen.  Now what?  Customize!!

I’ve accumulated a number of patches from online shopping, art fairs, and music festivals – but I needed some extra oomf to make this badass.

I hopped online and ordered some stuff from AliExpress.  If you’ve never heard of it – it’s an online retail site that allows small businesses in China to sell their products internationally.  It’s pretty much the same as Zaful (HOT right now!), only more to offer than just clothing.  I’ve ordered swimsuits, backpacks, clothing, hats, electronic accessories, and other things from AliExpress and haven’t had much to complain about – especially for the price I pay!

It takes anywhere from 2-8 weeks to receive your order based on shipping method.  Another reason I like it – it’s like a surprise gift in the mail because you’re never quite sure when you’ll get it!  SURPRISE!

I ordered a handful of patches and two flags for my festi-outfit!

Click below on the photos to look at/order the patches and flags I purchased!




Oh yeah patch – $0.99     Pacman ghosts – $0.99     Starry Night – $2.63 (for 2!)     Minion – $0.71     Rock hand – $1.65 (for 2!)     Rainbow 3rd eye – $0.75     Colorful bus – $0.82

After waiting 3 weeks, I finally received everything to get started.

I’m no sewing genie, but I can manage to tie a knot into some thread and weave it through some fabric (surprisingly pretty damn sturdy, too).

1. Button up your jacket all the way and lay it down flat with the back facing up towards you.  Line the flag up with the seams/area of the jacket of where you want it to be.  It may be difficult to tell where exactly you’d like it to go, start at the top shoulder seam and start pinning the flag to the top/outer edge of the seam.

2. Outline the seams of the jacket on top of the flag with a similar color marker to your flag/fabric.  Keep the pins in place and trim along the outline of the flag along the seams.  (DO NOT SNIP TO YOUR OUTLINE – YOU MAY NEED SO EXCESS FLAG TO TUG AND SEW AS YOU MOVE)

in progress

3. SEWING!! So you have 2 different options here – with a machine or by hand.  I don’t have a sewing machine, so I chose to do it by hand (plus it looks more edgy being hand-sewn).  Thread a needle with your desired colored yarn – put a knot in it and get sewing!

4. Every time you get towards the near end of the string, cut the knot to release the yarn from the needle and knot the heck out of that thing onto the back of the fabric.  Cut the flag to about 2cm before your sewed flag – this will allow for your jacket to breathe and not accidentally rip from being sewn and trimmed too tight.

5. Continue this process along the entire outer seam of the jacket, snip the ends of the yarn, and…VOILA!  Grab those patches and arrange them in your preferred way.  Make sure to try your jacket on to make sure they’ll be in the same spot you think they’ll be in.



6. Heat up your iron and get pressing…make sure yout hit every spot of the patch evenly, and don’t just do this once.  You’ll need to go over each of them (especially thinner and ‘dangling’ pieces) multiple times.

7. Once cooled down, try your jacket on and admire it in front of a mirror!  I added some more bling with some pins and buttons.


Accessorize it some more with a pashmina and some fun shades!  I’ve taken this to Florida and Chicago and get compliments everywhere I wear it.  Easily one of my favorite closet pieces!  Comment/share how you re-create this look!

Til next time,


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